Four Exquisite French Village Houses.

La Maison Verte

Delightful, generous, three-bedroom house in the ancient village of Caunes-Minervois. Stone-walled garden and view of vineyards and Pyrenees in the distance.

Three bedrooms and two bathrooms.


The Writer’s House, L’Ecritoire, is a three-storey village house built in the early 16th century, with metre-thick stone walls and a sunny terrace.

One bedroom and one and a half bathrooms.

Le Savetier

16th Century Shoemaker’s Cottage, Le Savetier is a stone village house in the heart of medieval Caunes.

Two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

La Sucre

18th century stone village house, with a generous, sunny terrace with exquisite views of the abbey.

Two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

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